Easy Yoga Sequence for Runners

Good morning, and happy Monday!

Today I wanted to share a simple yoga sequence that I’ve found to be quite complimentary to my running.  Now, I am not a certified yoga instructor, and I have only been practicing yoga for a short while.  However I am a full supporter of yoga and I encourage all runners to make it a regular part of your weekly workouts.

The sequence is called the Sun Salutation.  I actually first learned this routine back in high school by our assistant cross country coach. The Sun Salutation is a simple yoga sequence designed to wake your body up and prepare for the day to come.  It can also be done at the end of your workout to reflect back on the hard work you’ve just done.  All major key muscle groups are targeted in this sequence.  You’ll get a good stretch to your hip flexors, calves, and hamstrings.  You’ll also get a bit of a core workout during the “chaturanga” flow.  Try this out after your next long run or tough workout- it takes just a few minutes and can be done anywhere!






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