Lindsey Morgan


Recent Events:
  • 2017: Walt Disney World Marathon!!!
  • 2016: Floppin’ Flounder 5k, Carowinds Run and Ride 10k, Triad Ten Miler, Race 13.1 Half Marathon, Reindeer Run 5k
  • Rugged Maniac, Walt Disney World Everest Challenge, Dirt Dash Half Marathon
Next Goals:
  • Get serious about lower extremity conditioning to rehab, and prevent recurrence of, my patello-femoral pain syndrome, haha!
  • I just signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run for April 1st, 2017!
  • Maybe another half marathon so I can run it with my husband; and who knows, maybe even another full!
What I enjoy most about running:
  • Whether completing a long run, reaching a goal you set for yourself, setting a PR, finishing a race, or just having gotten your exercise in for the day, I think the sense of accomplishment you feel afterwards is my favorite thing about running.