Month – to – Month

Personalized Run Training

  • Fully customized plan according to your goals, fitness level, and lifestyle.
  • Access to Training Peaks account (free and private).
    • Training Peaks easily connects to most activity watches including Garmin, Apple, and TomTom so that workouts are uploaded immediately upon completion-no additional work from you!
  • Weekly workouts uploaded directly to Training Peaks so that you can access them from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Data-driven workout prescription and progression based on HR, VDot, and time-trial data.
  • Unlimited communication with me via Training Peaks app
  • Weekly check-ins with me regarding previous week’s training and plans for upcoming workouts as well as additional training advice, support, and encouragement.

All plans are written and shared via Training Peaks, which is free for you to use. I will collect data from your account and use it to adjust your training as needed.  The training plan will include daily/weekly mileage, pace guidelines, detailed workout instruction, and the reason behind the workout. I will also be available within the Training Peaks app to communicate regarding how you feel after each session and can adjust future sessions accordingly.  The more feedback provided, the better coach I can be for you!